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Eyelash Extension Expert Shares Aftercare Tips to Ensure That Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

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Recent studies indicate that eyelash extensions will reach USD 2.31 billion by 2028. Eyelash extensions are in high demand due to fashion trends and the desire to look more beautiful in less time.

Use a spoolie brush for aftercare and thoroughly dry wet lashes to keep them clean.

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New York – There’s a secret to perfect eyelash extensions that last. Expert lash artist and a popular provider of best place for eyelash extensions in nj shares aftercare tips to ensure your eyelash extensions last longer and stay healthier. 

“If you want volume, character, or longer lashes, eyelash extensions are the perfect way to draw attention to your eyes,” said Ash Santiago, owner and licensed esthetician. “As a Lash Artist, we can create the perfect look that lasts for weeks at a time. We teach you proper aftercare to make them healthier and last longer.” 

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